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Individual Therapy

Do you ever find yourself feeling down, overwhelmed, stuck or hopeless? Everyone will experience ups and downs in their thoughts and emotions over the course of their lives. However, it's often all too easy to find yourself stuck in a negative cycle and be lost as to how to get out. I will work with you to become aware of patterns in your life and help to teach you the tools to cope. Together, we will work to overcome challenges that feel impossible to tackle. 

Some issues that bring individuals to therapy are:

 • Anxiety

• Depression

• Loss & Grief

• Lack of focus and concentration

• Substance use

• Poor self esteeem


• Difficult life transitions

• Relationship issues

• Parenting issues

• Work/occupation issues

• Sleeping troubles

In my individual therapy sessions, I help people develop the necessary skills needed to cope with and manage their issues.

If any of the above relate to you or your life, contact me today for a free consultation. I would love to speak about how I may be able to help you overcome your difficulties.